Facebook Patent | Dynamic Camera Or Light Operation

Patent: Dynamic Camera Or Light Operation

Publication Number: 20180341329

Publication Date: 2018-11-29

Applicants: Facebook, Inc.


A user of a computing device may interact with the computing device through the user’s eye movement. An image of the user’s eyes or face, captured by a camera on the computing device, may be analyzed using computer-vision algorithms, such as eye tracking and gaze detection algorithms. During use of the computing device, one or more lights illuminating the user, or cameras viewing the user, may become blocked. The device may be equipped with more lights or cameras than are necessary to perform gaze detection by the device. In an over-equipped device, the additional lights or cameras can remain dormant until a blockage is detected. In response to a camera or light becoming blocked, a dormant light or camera can be activated.


A gaze of a user may be determined using eye tracking technology that determines the location of the user’s gaze based on eye information present in images of the user’s eyes or face. Poor lighting or image quality may contribute to erroneous eye tracking.

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